Domestic Auto Repair Specialists

Import Domestic Motorsport takes a great deal of pride in not only the repair of your domestic vehicle, but also in the proper diagnosis of it, as well as advising as to whether or not the vehicle has enough value and longevity left in it to sink money into repairing it. Auto repair shops have responsibilities morally, ethically, as well as professionally to be the customers advisor in many ways.

First- to diagnose the vehicle and give a fair estimate, while fully explaining why these repairs are needed, as well as explaining the basis of the repair being done. Nobody likes to spend their hard earned money on anything that they aren’t sure of- or fully understand.

We have been maintaining, repairing and servicing for the past 30 years.  Import Domestic Motorsport services the following Domestic Vehicles:


  • All Chevrolet Service and Repair
  • All Ford  Service and Repair
  • All Chrysler Service and Repair
  • All Jeep Service and Repair
  • All GMC Service and Repair